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A world where democratic processes are truly inclusive.



The Democratic Insights Group operates at the intersection of elections, social innovation and design. Our multi-disciplinary team takes a systemic view of democratic processes to develop products and initiatives that strengthen institutions through competitive elections and voter-centered representation.


Enhance the competitiveness of elections

  • Voters have good choices and candidates are of opposing or competing parties.

  • Voters choose between or among equally qualified candidates.

  • Voters understand the true financial costs for candidates to compete in elections and are aware of expenses incurred by candidates. 

  • Voters hear from all candidates and candidates are equally able to present themselves to voters.


Create a culture of voter-centered elections administration

  • Voters are clients or customers of the election processes.

  • Processes are designed or redesigned to serve the voters

  • Voters are able to efficiently track electoral processes, outcomes and results.

  • Voters are able to track performance in office of elected officials.

  • Voters are assured that the State continues to provide all enabling conditions for competitive and voter-centered elections.

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